Wooden Fidget Tool, Wooden Hand Massager
Wooden Fidget Tool

Wooden Fidget

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One of our most popular fidget tools for all ages, made overseas and directly Supporting a Fair Trade Community! It's rounded wooden edges have a smooth feel, giving a great outlet for fidgeting, stress, or anxiety. The spinning ball in the centre can give hours of sensory stimulation, along with pressure that can be applied at your own need for regulation. This wooden fidget tool can be pressed between both hands and rolled, giving soothing proprioceptive input or even just used for a lovely hand massage.

You will want to buy at least two of these!  We always recommend purchasing two fidget tools to allow for use in different environments.

Ages: 3+ years, highly recommended for primary school ages, young people, and adults

We import this directly from a Fair Trade non-profit organisation. The wood is from a local, sustainable wood-source. The Fair Trade organisation employs over 400 people who -
* Receive free medical care
* Subsidised lunch and tea in the company canteen
* Annual excursions and functions
* A safe and pleasant working environment
Worker are paid good wages which has a significant impact on their ability to afford good housing, education for their children, and even be able to save money for the future. If you haven't purchased one already, NOW is the time to have a positive impact on others lives for good!


  • Fidget Tool
  • Stress/Anxiety Tool 
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Proprioceptive/Tactile
  • Self-regulation
  • Massage Tool 
  • Sensory input 
  • Stress/Anxiety Tool 


  • Educational/Classroom
  • Home & Travel 
  • Perfect pocket or hand size

Size: approx. 4.5cm x 4.5cm x 3 cm

Weight: approx 13 grams

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Wooden Fidget Tool