Twist and Lock Dinosaur
Twist and Lock Dinosaur

Twist Dinosaur

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These wooden twist dinosaurs are just gorgeous and are one of our top sellers. Typically the boys love these and spend hours fidgeting and engaging in creative play. Even though they are larger than hand size, they are still small enough to pop in your glove box or handbag, or carry around as needed (maybe in one of our drawstring bags!)  Their legs, necks, and tail (and arms on T-Rex) can be moved into many positions encouraging fidgeting and use of fine motor skills.  The best dinosaur fidget tool ever! 

Choice of Red, Orange or Green. Non-toxic paint. 

Be sure to buy at least a few - you will need them! 

Ages:  3 and over, highly recommended for Kinder and Primary school aged children. 


  • Fidget Tool
  • Imaginative/Creative Play
  • Fine Motor skills 
  • Motor Planning
  • Eye hand coordination 
  • Tactile
  • Problem Solving skills 
  • Sensory  


  • Educational/Classroom
  • Home
  • Travel

Size: approx. 10cm x 5cm x  13cm 

Twist and Lock Dinosaur
Twist and Lock Dinosaur
Twist and Lock Dinosaur