Fidget Tool: Turtle
Fidget Tool: Turtle


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One of the gorgeous wooden toys from the Anamalz range this Turtle is super cute and gives varied sensory input in the one fidget tool. 

Turtle is a perfect hand-sized fidget with a wooden body that can be used as a grounding tool, held for comfort or to help with anxiety. 

The front flippers have bendy cord covered in super soft plush material that is hard to resist stroking.

The  rear flippers/feet are firm bendy cord with wooden flippers on the end perfect for varied tactile stimulation.

The turtle also has a wooden head that can be fidgeted with as it's attached with the flexible, bendy cord. 

An all round beautiful fidget tool or toy. 

Size: He is about 4cm and with his shell about 8cm long

Ages 3 and up

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Fidget Tool: Turtle
Fidget Tool: Turtle
Fidget Tool: Turtle