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Friends Balance Ball Game

Balance Ball Game

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This hand-sized wooden balance ball game helps kids to focus on their hand/eye co-ordination and their fine motor skills by getting the balls in the holes and keeping them there!

This game is perfect for those children that may need a game with some small wins to help improve confidence. This game can help with focus and concentration,  hand tone by increased use of hand muscles, improve eye/hand co-ordination, assisting kids to practice balance and co-ordination (see tips below!). 

Great for keeping kids busy in small spaces, kids can easily carry this in their pocket or hand with little effort and great convenience. This lovely wooden game comes in four types of animals - squirrel, bambi, owl and fox. 

Ages: 3 and older. Great for primary school & kinder aged children.

Fun Warning: Parents and Educators have been known to "borrow" this game for periods of time. We recommend buying two for use in different environments. 


* Fidget tool

* Eye/hand co-ordination

* Balance and Co-ordination

* Concentration and Focus

* Improve usage/strength of hand muscles

* Fun! 


* Educational /Classroom

* Home

* Travel

Size: 5.5cm approx diameter

Tips and Ideas: 

Ensure your child is holding the game in their hands with an appropriate grip utilising all fingers and the thumb. 

Try playing the game in different positions i.e. sitting, standing, walking slowly, with their left hand, right hand, using both hands, standing on one leg, with their non-dominant hand etc. 

Ensure your child is sitting with their core muscles switched on while playing this game to enhance focus and concentration, and not hunched over, lopsided or lying down. This will help improve and "switch on" their core muscles. 

Give praise for effort and not just "winning". For example - "Wow, you keep trying even though you don't get the balls in the first time. Let's keep trying. Awesome effort." 

As your child masters this game use a timer to see what time they get and try and compete with themselves. 

Use the ball game to practice social skills: winning, loosing, taking turns, reading each other's body language (e.g. did you get them in), use of timer and sharing with others, praising each other's efforts. 

If they get really good at this balance game you could play it backwards - get all of the balls in the holes quickly then learn to remove one ball at a time from it's allocated slot.   

Friends Balance Ball Game
Friends Balance Ball Game: Bambi
Friends Balance Ball Game: Fox
Friends Balance Ball Game: Owl
Friends Balance Ball Game: Squirrel