Paper Magiclay
Paper Magiclay Coloured

Paper Magiclay

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So much more than just a modelling clay! 

This amazing "clay" is a great way for children who may have tactile resistance or defensiveness and avoid getting their hands messy. You can use this clay to slowly help build muscle tone through creative play, and increase exposure to tactile materials in your creations. 

The clay is air drying,  has a paper-like feel and feels really light when dry. It is non-sticky and is very easy to work with. You can be as creative as you like with this clay - let your imagination go wild!

Tightly wrap any magiclay you are not using in plastic wrap and return it to the tub sealed or  it will dry out. We recommend only pulling out small portions from the tub, then getting more when needed.

Choose between White OR Coloured Packs. Our personal preference is the white - see why below in our tips. Magiclay is non toxic of course! 

The coloured pack includes white, black, yellow, blue, red, green. 

Ages:  3 and up, highly recommended for kinder & primary school aged children

Weight:  6 x 40gram tubs

Tips & Ideas

The white magiclay allows exploration and creativity from your child as it encourages them to use their hands and tactile touch in their creation by mixing in the colour. 

Add colour to your white magiclay by getting your child dot the white magiclay with a coloured non-toxic washable marker. Then let them fold and blend the magiclay to mix the colour in - creating endless colours and blends including marbling.  

You also use small drops of non-toxic paint, but we find it easier to use non-toxic washable markers as this requires MORE use of hand muscles as well as practice holding a marker, plus less mess, but do what works for you. 

Have a look around your house and see what materials you can add to your magiclay creation - beads, glitter, rice, rock salt, beans, the list could go on and on. 

The more materials you can add the more exposure your child has to additional tactile textures and may help in reducing tactile defensiveness. 

Get your child to mix, pull, twist, roll, and use those fingers and thumb in designing their creation. You can even get your child to add textures with a rolling pin or other tools. 

When you child is sitting creating be sure they have good posture and are in appropriate seating with their core muscles switched on!  

Paper Magiclay Coloured
Paper Magiclay
Paper Magiclay
Paper Magiclay