Lacing Animal
Lacing Animal

Lacing Animal

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These are great practice to develop fine motor skills and problem solving. The string is fairly long (over 1 metre) but can be pulled through one end of the bead and knotted to be shortened. This creates great adaptability for kids as they can learn to thread with shorter cord, then as their confidence and skills increase you can lengthen it and make it more challenging. 

A fantastic activity to help develop focus, concentration, fine motor and problem solving skills.

This tool can also create some great opportunities for discussion around emotional regulation and communication.

When children get stuck and frustrated parents/teachers can prompt -

Do you need to ask for help?

Are you going to give this a go for yourself? Maybe try for a few minutes then if you still need help just let me know. 

How are you going to figure this out?

What can you do if you get angry or frustrated?

How can you calm yourself and keep trying? 

At about 10x15cm and 1.5cm thick they are easily transportable - pop it in your handbag or keep it in your glovebox. 

Ages three and up. 

Choice of brightly coloured animal - Butterfly, Hippo, Fish or Dinosaur. 

Lacing Animal