Sensory Play: Bubble Play Set
Sensory Play: Bubble Play Set

Bubble Play Set

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This bubble play set is made out of corn!  Eco-friendly and compostable this fantastic play set is non-toxic and safe for your family or educational setting.

Kids love blowing bubbles from this product as there is a massive pay off - a ton of bubbles! Great for children who may have speech difficulties or low oral tone encouraging them to exercise those mouth muscles via blowing in a fun way. Get them to make sounds or place the bubble blower in difference positions while practicing sounds or blowing from different angles. 

Bubbles can be touched and stacked once they turn white.

Includes blower and stacker, 200ml non-toxic liquid solution. BPA Free, bio-degradeable, plant-based materials and dishwasher safe. 

Ages: 3 and up.


* Use of Oral muscles

* Use of Sounds & blowing 

* Eye/hand co-ordination

* Gross Motor 

* Motor planning 

* Concentration 

* Balance and Co-ordination

* Sensory & Tactile 

* Fun! 


* Educational /Classroom

* Home

* Travel


Sensory Play: Bubble Play Set
Bubble Play Set
Bubble Play Set