Beaded Fidget
Beaded Fidget

Beaded Fidget

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Please allow two to three weeks to arrive as this product is handmade just for you. We currently have this item in stock and can be delivered without a 2-3 week delay! 

A great fidget tool or just a lovely keychain! Perfect for the older child, adolescent or adult. You will love the feel of these beads. They have a firm yet ever so slightly "give" when pressure is applied to them, feeling really comfortable in your hand with the beads on the smooth, nylon cord. 

Great for fidgeting, sliding the beads up and down, grasping, or just holding them firmly in your hands and pressing on them when needing that input. Great for grounding when we feel stress, anxiety, or just need something that feels nice in our hands to distract us.

Made from food-grade silicone beads that will not absorb odours or harbour mould or bacteria. Easily cleaned - simply wash in warm soapy water, rinse and air dry! 

This is a safe and durable beaded fidget that kids and adults will love!

Choice of pink or blue. 

Material: BPA-Free Silicone, Nylon cord. 100% Food-Grade Beads. Non-toxic. 

Ages: 3 and older 


* Sensory Oral Input 

* Fidget tool

* Fine motor skills

* Tactile (has a lovely feel!) 

* Sensory seekers 

* Stress/Anxiety Tool 

* Or just a great keychain! 


* Travel

* Education/Classroom

* Home

Size: 14cm approx in length


Beaded Fidget
Beaded Fidget
Beaded Fidget
Beaded Fidget