Tips to help your child with School Transitions 

Struggling to get your child to counselling (or other appointments) and not sure how to talk to them about it? These articles might help - Getting Children to Appointments & Getting Adolescents to Appointments. 


A Short Video "All About Anxiety: Understanding Anxiety and How to Deal with It'. By Michelle Trugden (Clinical Social Worker). View here.

"Its ok to not be ok" by Sharon from Your Mind Health Matters. She outlines some helpful suggestions for your mental health when you are not ok, especially when you are business. 


Lauren from "Teacher Types" talks about our products and how they can be used to keep kids moving. Read her blog post here.

Toni from "Finding Myself Young" shares her Mummy Must Have blog review of our amazing products she can't put down. 

GUEST BLOGS (by Rachelle)

I was graciously invited by Simone Emery from Play with Food to be a guest blogger. Have a read of "My Top Three Activities for Proprioceptive Input"

If you love great clothes and a good read check out my Guest Blog for Omika. They invited me to guest blog in honour of World Autism Day and (Month in April 2017). Here are my "Top Four Tips to Embracing our Unique Selves".

"Unstructured Play is what your Child Needs". Read my awesome Guest Blog for Finlee and Me with a huge list of ideas to help parents and educators.