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WELCOME!  I sell an amazing and selected range of toys, fidget tools and books for children, families, and educators. I have personally selected each product with the expertise I have gained over the past 15 years as a clinical therapist. (You can read more about me here). 

ALL products can be used to HELP children and families in their development and learning, and assist teachers and students in educational settings.  

So, please click on the PRODUCTS tab above and have a look. If you see something that looks awesome - buy it and try it!  I'd love to hear your feedback and please leave a customer review to help others with their product choices. 

The Happy Me Shop - Issues our products help with

The biggest thing that families and educators are always saying to me is that they really LOVE our products and struggle to put them down - especially the fidget tools! 

Any of our products can be purchased as unique TOYS or GIFTS, plus you get the amazing skills and expertise of a therapists tips and ideas on how to use most products in the item description.

Just so you know...I am really particular about the products we stock. I don't just stock any products. Before I choose to sell a product it must pass the following criteria.

 The Three Ticks 

✔  I have tried and tested the product. I don’t sell any products I don’t use and love myself!

✔  Clients and Educators love the product and report that it has been a helpful tool and WANT to buy it! 

✔ It has a therapeutic purpose AND I will give you tips and ideas on how to use it - including FUN ways of course!  (As we all know too well that if it feels like work, we aren't too excited to be using that product!).

I  know families and educators are already stressed and time-poor, and if there was somewhere to buy products with this type of information - I would be a very loyal customer, even as a therapist!

To make life even easier you can shop anytime day or night and we will ship it directly to you Australia-wide.

So....I hope you choose to be a loyal and frequent customer, shopping for products that are LOVED, and we KNOW work,  and can HELP you. 


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Check out our top selling fidget tools. Not only is fidgeting fun but it helps with sensory issues, grounding, focus, stress, concentration, sitting still, ADHD, Autism and anxiety. Why not buy a fidget tool today and give it a go!  They really do work....