I am Clinical Social Worker and have had my own counselling practice for over 10 years.  I also provide training and supervision to welfare and educational professionals. I have been working clinically in mental health treating anxiety, depression, and trauma (and a long list of other issues). I really really love my job and enjoy working with families, adolescents, and children - and of course with adults too! I have been blessed by gaining a lot of experience and diverse skills around behavioural issues, autism, learning disorders, sensory and developmental issues. A natural part of my everyday work in my clinic has been finding products that I can use with clients when they come to therapy. I have LOVED finding the best products that really help and empower others with skills and knowledge  - all while having FUN! 

I was beginning to feel really limited with only being able to share these amazing products with clients coming to my practice. I felt this desire to give ALL of Australia access to these fantastic therapist recommended products.

Thus, began the birth and growth of The Happy Me Shop - accessible and available for ALL Australians, anytime day or night!  How brilliant is that!!!!

I have always followed my heart and believe that I need to follow my passion. I hope you find this website full of amazing products that are positive, practical, fun, and HELPFUL.  I have worked hard to launch this for you and really put my entire heart and soul into this. I hope that the sharing of my skills and knowledge can empower you and being your journey with small steps to your path to happiness.

Welcome and enjoy your Shopping at The Happy Me Shop!

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