Can We Please Stop Feeding the Anxiety Monster

The Most Important Skills Your Child Needs for School

The Most Important Skills Your Child Needs for School

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There's a plethora of information out there that can overwhelm parents in preparing their child for school. After working with young children for many years I have seen a common thread of issues that tend to get neglected.

Here are the top three skills our children need to start to school (and Kinder!)

1. Tools for Anxiety including Separation Anxiety

Can we please stop feeding the anxiety monster!

Anxiety in Children

RECENTLY I was having a conversation with another mum.  We were chatting about parenting and children, and as usual - for me anyways -  anxiety was discussed. We noted the increase of anxiety in young children, and how parents are concerned about what to do about this.

Nobody really teaches us the strategies we need for developing healthy thinking patterns in our children that can help reduce anxious responses, and build skills of resilience in our families.

More often than not, we get help much later than we really need for early intervention to occur...

Creative and Unstructured Play - It's What your Child Needs

School is Out! Let them Play. Creative and Unstructured Play - It's What your Kids Need. The Happy Me Shop Blog

School holidays are here in Victoria. You may love the break from routine or sometimes it may feel like a game of survival. School holidays may just be a love-hate relationship!

I just wanted to share some of my ideas for "free" play activities. The kind of play where we give our kids the resources and let their imagination and creativity run wild!

Unstructured, creative play.

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